March Break Schedule

For the week of March 14th there will be kung fu class on the Tuesday and Thursday only at 6 pm, for all kung fu students (youth/adult)
Monday and Wednesday kung fu classes are cancelled due to the typical low turn out for this week. If you are not going to be in class that week please let us know.
Kickboxing and grappling classes will not be affected.
Tuesday 14th-
6:00-7:00- All Kung Fu students
Thursday 16th-
6:00-7:00- All Kung Fu students
Kickboxing and grappling-usual days/times.

Christmas Holiday Schedule

Last regular class is Tuesday Dec 23rd at the usual times then;

Christmas Holiday Schedule
Classtimes between Christmas and New Years
Monday- Dec 29th
6:30-7:30- All youth ranks
7:30-8:30- All adult ranks
8:30-9:30- Kickboxing

Tuesday-Dec 30th
6:30-7:30- All Kung fu students-youth/adult
7:30-8:30- Grappling
8:30-9:30- Kickboxing

Shaolin Monk Seminar

This from Sigung Dave at our sister club in Kitchener. The date has been set for June 21st;

Greetings Again Kung Fu Specialists;     Thanks again for your participation and assistance with our event last Saturday. Things ran quite smoothly with almost no complications. Numbers were about the same as last year, so it would appear we are getting better.
    I am contacting you to let you know that Shaolin Monk Yuan Jing has agreed to come down to do a form seminar in June. I would like you to take a quick survey to see which Saturday would be better for most. If you could put a note up at your club, or in your announcements, and simply ask who would be interested in attending the seminar on either June 21st or June 28th. If people are available on both dates, please have them indicate that. We will pick a date based on majority numbers. The cost would be $30 for the 3 hour seminar. We would need to get a minimum of 20 participants, or we would probably have to try again in the Fall.
    So please put that out for me if you can, and I will get back to you after the long weekend to determine if this is a go or not. Yuan will be sending me some photos soon, and I will forward them along to you once I get them. Thanks again.
Sigung David Hackett
Owner / Head Instructor
 Kitchener Kicks Martial Arts Centre

Sparring and Self Defence Seminar-Jan 25th at the club.

Gee-webWhen- January 25th/2014- 12 noon until 3 pm.(3hr approx)

Where -Blue Crane Martial Arts-787 2nd ave east

Who-Guest Instructor- Sibok Gee Wong

Prerequisites- For sparring portion all students who have foam dipped sparring gear may attend.(some experience required). For the self defence seminar(Aikido) portion students must be at least 10 years old and have the rank of orange or higher. Open to all martial artists. Club members will be given first chance.

Cost- one for-$25, both- for $35. non members add $5

Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule

(last class is Monday Dec 23rd)
No Classes from
Dec 24th-Jan 1st except as follows;

Saturday 28th
12:00-1:00- Kung Fu (all ranks and ages)
1:00-2:00- Kickboxing

Monday Dec 30th
7:00-8:00- All Kung Fu students
8:00-9:00 -Kickboxing
Freetimes may be available- please check our Facebook page for times.


Classes resume as usual
Thursday Jan 2nd

The secret to your success in kung fu.

To you my students, respectfully, a few tips for you based on my nearly forty years of teaching.

You would think that talent would be required for a challenge such as achieving the rank of black sash but what my experience has shown me is that it has far more to do with attitude than talent. I can remember a black belt once telling me in my early days as a kyu belt that I could achieve whatever level I wanted to in martial arts. I found that hard to believe at the time, but I was taken by the thought that this more knowledgeable and experienced black belt thought that I could achieve something which I myself, barely considered possible. But I respected his experience and took his words to heart. And here I am nearly forty years later. I have respected and taken to heart all of the advice and knowledge that was given to me from each and every one of my teachers in the martial arts. If I had not had that respect for them, I would likely have dropped out early on and I would never had gotten this far.
Unfortunately, I sometimes see students who fail to appreciate the advice they are given. Sometimes this is because they are simply too new to the martial arts way. For others with some training ,they think that somehow with their vast experience of a year or 2 (or 3 etc,)in the martial arts that they now know a better way to progress than that which the instructor is insisting on. For example, the lesson of patience is one which I have seen become an issue for students (or their parents). A talented student who has progressed quickly early on may begin to think that all they need to do is learn the more advanced stuff and somehow they will be instantly better, even if those boring old basics are really not perfect yet. Any wise instructor gives this advice: Improve your basics first. When this is not heeded or understood the result is predictable. Stagnation and/or failure. The student then quits out of frustration instead of taking the advice to heart.So sometimes success too soon may lead to failure shortly after if the knowledge imparted by the teacher isn’t taken with respect.
Fortunately I am seeing less of this as a problem than I once did.Perhaps I am imparting this aspect of training better now than in my less experienced years. But I know that sometimes this is still an issue. Hopefully, together we can succeed in achieving our dreams. Just ask and then follow the path laid down for you. Most likely this has been done already. Do this and you stand a far better chance of achieving your dream of getting your black sash and beyond. .. and remember, don’t stop kickin’.