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At Blue Crane Martial Arts, we feel that experiencing is believing.  We want prospective students to try out our classes to make sure that they are the right fit for them and to get a feeling for our school.



 Five animal Shaolin Kung Fu – Tiger, Crane, Dragon, Leapord, and Snake.

Kung fu is a fluid style of Chinese martial arts which focuses on redirection of incoming energy using as little force as possible. Kung fu fosters self esteem, confidence, fitness and above all respect for yourself and others. We feel that the elegant movement of these five animals delivers an individualized method of connecting the mind and body for self defence.


Kickboxing now is a component of our kung fu program for those students who have developed their skills in kung fu first, usually after about 6 months to one year. Please note that we no longer offer kickboxing as a separate class.


Youth Program:(8 years old and up)

Our children’s program is designed to teach youth to be respectful to others and themselves. The self-discipline and self confidence they develop is something that is rarely emphasized in other sports in the way that it is in Kung Fu. In Kung Fu this is a way of life. The North American attitude tends to place the emphasis on just winning. In a street defence situation we teach all our students that it is much more honourable to walk away, than to fight just to prove that you can win. The strongest warrior defeats an opponent without a fight – but is always prepared to do so if needed.
Competition? We only compete for experience and not for trophies. However, our students have won thousands of awards! We teach that anyone who puts out the effort is a winner. We compete only about two to three times a year but have produced many Ontario and Canadian Junior Open Champions (more than all the other local clubs combined ) and competing is optional .

Benefits of our program:

Street proofing
Bully proofing
Fitness and co-ordination
Self -Discipline
Confidence building
and not least of all……fun!

A seed of confidence planted by Kung Fu will reap the harvest of character.

We invite you to come in and see the amazing results and to talk to any of the parents who have their children enrolled in our program.  We also offer very low priced affordable one month trial memberships .You may watch or even participate in a free class if you like!

Your child deserves the very best.
For ages 8-13 years



17 thoughts on “Our classes

  1. Just looking for some information on your facility. At what age do you start at.. And what’s the starting training for certify ages, and what would be the cost?

    • HI Kirsten- We start youth at 7 years old but if a child is still 6 but very keen then we will try them out to see how their focus is in a structured class environment.There is no charge for the first 2 classes. After that there are many choices depending on your budget. Memberships range from 1 month to 1 year and include up to 3 classes per week for beginner youth(even more classes for students over 13 years) . We always give first timers a discount. For example a 1 month membership is usually $75 but the first time rate is $50 (plus hst) The longer term memberships are an at even better rate on average. Beginner youth classes are Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm and Saturday at 11 am (see the schedule here on our site). Please give me a call at 519 371 0991 for more detailed information. Thanks for inquiring about our programs!

  2. Ok thank you my son is only four so he has a ways to go but I will def look into it once he is old enough thanks for the information 🙂

  3. Just wondering the pay rates for kickboxing, and you willingness to take on a teen. And what times we’d be looking at for training. 🙂

    • Sure thing. The summer schedule is on this website. Kickboxing is on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8:30 pm.The membership also includes 1 jujitsu class(submission grappling) per week and 3 kung fu classes per week if interested. Its still the same price no matter how many classes you take. Try the first 2 for free. After that there are multiple options such as an intro rate of $50(plus HST) for the first month. There are also 3,6 and 12 month rates that are very reasonable . I will be on holidays the week of Aug 11th so it would be best to come in either this coming week or 2 weeks later. See you soon!
      Sigung Bob Robins

  4. Hello, my fiance has a dream to always a be UFC fighter, i know you probably dont go that advance but he wants to start training and know more and eventually make his way to somewhere in that area .. Do u do competitions at all ?
    Hes 22 and know some things, how much would he be and how where would he start ? Probably seems like a lot to ask

    • It sounds as though he might be interested in taking a combination of our submission grappling class and our kickboxing classes as shown on the schedule here on our website. All classes are included in your membership once enrolled . The first 2 classes are free to try it out.Please give us a call at 519 371 0991 for more details.

  5. I am a 16 year old girl looking to star kick boxing. Would this be available starting this coming fall? I would like to get some more information on classes and your facility.

  6. My friend and I, aged 22 and 21, want to start taking classes in some sort of self-defense about once a week. Is there a program you’d recommend that wouldn’t be too expensive but would still fit our needs of getting in shape while learning a self-defense art?

    • To be honest you cannot become proficient at anything that you do only once a week. The good news is that your membership will include more than one class per week. It will include all our classes including, kickboxing, Kung fu, and jiu jitsu. (7 classes per week) Your first 2 classes are free to try it out and then you can choose if you want a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month membership. We offer the lowest rate for the number of classes offered of any club in this area. If you can find a better rate for professional instruction let us know and we will match or better it. Call us for more information and have a look at our schedule. If one class per week is all that your time allows then we have a pay per class rate as well.

  7. Hi I’m thinking of signing up for kickboxing and just wondering how would I sign up just come down and sign up or is there a form online?

  8. Hello. We are interested in signing our 11 yr old son up for self defense classes. He tends to be easily picked on and is very docile. We try to teach him to walk away, but it doesn’t always work. We would like him to at least learn how to defend himself if need be! May we ask how much it would be to sign him up? Also do you offer kids self defense classes?

    • HI. Thank you for your inquiry. Our youth kung fu classes are all about self defence so we dont feel there is a need to offer a separate “self defence” class. The kung fu classes will give him the confidence(with time) to reduce any bullying. Have a look at the schedule and drop in to try out a class free to see if he likes it.(Tues and Thurs at 6 pm at the moment) You can choose different memberships. We have introductory specials on that are about 20% off our 1 and 3 month memberships rates. Right now the 1 mth is $75 incl tx and $195 for 3 mth. He may attend as often as desired. Other class times will become available after a couple of months of experience.Have him wear comfortable loose fitting clothes and bring a water bottle. We are at 787 2nd ave east beside the Frog Ponds Cafe. Hope we see you soon !

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