Club Schedule

Session based classes;

As of Jan 2019 you can find us at St Dominique Savio School Gym, usually on most Monday and Thursdays. Class starts at 6 pm. It will end at 7 pm for no sash students but go until 7:30 for white sash or higher students. 
Please check our Facebook page for more up to date info on when our next 8 week session will begin or call 519 371 1242
Classes will all now be Kung fu based with the extra time (7-7:30) being used for kickboxing  and Jujitsu techniques and sparring etc for the more advanced.(always bring your gear)
Classes will be on most Monday and Thursdays except when there are  school closures or holidays.



25 thoughts on “Club Schedule

  1. What is the Saturday schedule? My friend and I are looking to start kick boxing and want to know if there is another day besides Monday and Thursday.

    • Sorry but the Saturday classes we had in the summer were for youth kung fu only and we have since adjusted our weekday schedule for that. You may attend all our classes with a membership so that includes 2 kickboxing classes, 1 grappling (jiu jitsu), and 3 adult(13 years and up) kung fu classes per week.

  2. How much would it cost for the membership and how long do your offer your memberships and if you buy one do u get to do all of your classes?

    • It depends Dylan. I would need to know your age to answer your questions. I would also need to know if you have previous experience. Would you be in the youth or adult program?There are 4 membership choices-1 mth.3 mth.6 mth and 12 mth. .Each membership includes all the classes you see on the above schedule for that age group and rank. . There are some other cost factors too depending on which type of class you will be attending(kung fu, kickboxing, and grappling) For eg -you will need wraps and bag glove for KB and a uniform for kung fu. For more complete information phone us at 519 371 0991 Thank you.

  3. My daughter is interested in starting a kickboxing class, but would prefer to have private lessons. She is 16 years old. How much would a 12mth membership with private lessons two times a week approximately be?

    • HI Taylor- We don’t have memberships for private lessons that are time based(ie- 6 mths).Private lessons are available on a per lesson basis at $40/hr for those who don’t have a regular membership.($35/hr for members)It is a lot less expensive to take group classes (which can be 1,3,6 or 12 months). The classes are small enough that students get more than enough personal attention. There are also other teen aged females in the class.We generally have 2 instructors on the floor the majority of the time in class of less than 12 students. With kickboxing it is also an essential part of the training is working with different partners on drills especially with the pad work. This helps them to understand drills much better and to appreciate size and skill differences. Currently our regular memberships include 2 kickboxing classes per week as well as kung fu and jujitsu classes. If she decide to become a kung fu student private lessons then become more advantageous although attending group classes would still be imperative.This is just one example of why a group setting is preferred. We want to see our members get the best result possible. We currently have a first timer rate(reduced) of $50 for the first month.That includes all the classes.The first 2 classes are free to try it out.

  4. Hello, I’m currently 17 and female and looking into maybe kickboxing and grappling with 3 years experience in aikido, wondering about the membership rates and which would be the most beneficial for self defence. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi-For overall self defence I would suggest a combination of a stand up system such as our kung fu or kickboxing classes along with some grappling. Memberships come in 1,3,6,and 12 month formats. Each membership includes all the classes you see listed on our schedule. The first 2 lessons are free to try it out. I will send you some rates to the email address you show here. See you soon I hope!

    • HI-There are different choices. 1 month,3 months , and 6 months, during which time you may attend as many classes as you want including Kung Fu, Kickboxing, and Jiujitsu. Please note that there is also a kickboxing class on Tuesday from 7-8 pm so there are 3 kickboxing classes per week. We currently have a 1 month special for new students for $50 plus hst. Drop in and try a free class if you want. Or give us a call at 519 371 0991 for more info.

  5. I’m 15 and I’m interested in starting kickboxing and possibly other classes. Do classes continue during the summer and how do I join? I have practically no experience. Thank you for your time.

    • Yes we go all summer. Just show up with a water bottle and workout attire. If you have gloves and wraps bring them(if its the kickboxing class.) You first class is free to try it out.
      The only change for the summer is Wednesday night classes which are cancelled until after summer.

    • We endeavor to offer all inclusive memberships at a rate that is less than what other local clubs typically charge for only 1 type of class. Our memberships include kickboxing, JiuJitsu and Kung Fu.. The rate is the same regardless of how often you come or how many types of classes you take. Its definitely an advantage when you intend to train often.

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